SynMag International -Special 2021 – The Modular View of Things.

SynMag Int Special 2021 Web

CONTENT: SynMag international 2021 – get yours – now.
The Modular View of Things.
our first english print issue beside the „modular worlds“ book
(both printed press only.)


Controlling the modular

External sequencers and CV control 4

Input modules

Feed the modular 8


Cables: just a wire in plastic?

Maximize the signal, minimize the noise 12

Busking with a modular synth

Thoughts on battery powered modulars 14

Connecting Eurorack Systems

… with (modular) computer music software 18

Effects in a modular System

Bend it, shape it 26

Build your own effects processor

Modular synth used on guitar or other external audio input 32

The ancient krell and beyond

Some thoughts about self-playing patches 36

Creation, capture & manipulation

… of audio with Modular instruments 42

Modular drums

They come in all sizes & flavours 48

Sequencers for modular systems

Internal or external connectivity aplenty 54

Doepfer A-100 Modular System

Polyphony – patch examples 62

The Doepfer Trautonium

Diving into Subharmonics 66

Expanding your modular externally

Attaching additional gear like modules via MIDI or OSC 72


Mixing inside and outside

… of modular setups 76


A low price is my copy protection”

Interview with Klanghelm plugin developer Tony Frenzel 78

Unfiltered Audio: creations for various platforms

In conversation with Michael Hetrick & Joshua Dickinson 82

New literature 88

Impress 90

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SynMag Int Special 2021 Web
SynMag Int Special 2021 Web